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The Faille Team Story

Tom chose to become a Mortgage Officer because he and his wife, Kathy, had an experience that left him unpleased and home buying should be exciting, not strenuous.

When Tom and Kathy were ready to purchase their first home, they found one that was in the midst of being built, so they went to their local bank and spoke with a loan officer about getting a loan. The loan officer didn’t do their due diligence and only approved them for the price of the home rather than asking them if they would like to be approved for more.  Their experience wasn’t ideal in the fact that there was no communication, no explanation of the process or loan products, and no client care. Based on this experience, Tom decided that he was going to become a loan officer and make the home buying process comfortable, educational, and not so worrisome. Buyers need to know that there are options that may or may not work best for them. Taking the time to educate them about the products that have been around or the products that are new in order to give them the best experience during one of the biggest purchases of their life.